Change is hard. I don’t disagree with that. I am betting, each and every one of you have struggled with change at some point in your life. May be you are struggling now. The Or you could be doing what a lot of us girls seem to do-use the excuse “I can’t change because it is not good for (insert excuse here). The older we get, the OTVORILE harder it is to change. But here’s the deal; us girls surviving and thriving in life is relative to how well we deal with change.

I had a friend recently say to me” you are so good with change”. That led me to start thinking about it. At the time, I agreed with her but change really isn’t any different for wholesale jerseys me than it is for all of you. I find it hard to take that leap. The only difference is that I FORCE myself to find my attitude, my sass, and definitely some fake confidence. Why? Because when I do some deep reflection, I из realize the only reason I am not embracing change is fear. And I, Shari Goldsmith, refuse to give in to fear!!

So what’s going on-why can’t we just “do it”? Because we don’t know what’s on the other side. That is terrifying to us. We would rather stick with the known quantity, as crappy as cheap NFL jerseys that may be, than take our chances on something unknown to us. Or, maybe we don’t know where to start in changing things so we continue to keep convincing ourselves that we are better off not trying. It’s possible that we think we will fail, so why try at all. I remember being wholesale MLB jerseys stuck in a job that was just “wrong” for I me in so many ways. Daily, I rationalized why I should be there, why I could do it and how I just needed “to try harder”. It was like climbing uphill. I was miserable. Every day I would think how I would maybe make a decision next week, and next week, until I had said that for two years worth of “next weeks”. I realized that if I didn’t just take that leap of faith, I would stay there forever. That you was more terrifying to me than taking the “leap”.

So girls, whatever it is that you’ve been contemplating changing-a job, relationship, your weight, etc , look fear in its face and let it have it!! Refuse to give in to fear. With a cheap jerseys little attitude and sass, we girls can accomplish anything.

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