I’ve had a rough two weeks. At the beginning of last week, I came down with some sort of viral bug that eventually turned into bronchitis.  By this week, I was hit with some mysterious stomach bug that totally incapacitated me for 24 hours. I am now left with zero energy.  However, in the spirit of seeing my glass half full, I’ve had some revelations about the experience and realized I’ve learned a thing or two that I’d like to share.


Lesson #1: When you can’t push yourself anymore, it’s OKAY to stop.


Honestly, this one is hard for me. You see, I suffer from that malady of “I just need to finish this last thing and then I can quit”. I pride myself as someone who’s full of energy, but at some point last week, my brain stopped working and my body stopped doing what I commanded it to do. I finally had to say to myself, “Just stop working so hard and be good to you”. Sitting at your computer and just staring at the screen is not really productive and almost downright dumb.  I finally began to listen.


Lesson #2:  It’s OKAY to ask people for help now and then.


Tuesday, when I was suffering from the ugly stomach bug from hell and even water seemed to irritate the lining of my stomach, I hit a point of no return. I truly thought I was dying.  I pride myself on being tough, but I had had enough. I called my doctor’s office and pleaded for them to call in a prescription.  Then I called my very good friend, who was home sick with a bad cold. I begged her to pick up my drugs. This is unlike me since my normal mode of operation is to be concerned that I’m putting someone else out. She ran there and back in no time and was happy to help me.


Lesson #3:  Things don’t always go as planned, so just ride the wave.


I already shared that I was dragging and not feeling my perky self. This concerned me since I had a big presentation scheduled this week.  No one wants to listen to a speaker that lacks enthusiasm and energy.  Anyway, because I was out of sorts this week, I wasn’t prepared and organized.  Once I got to the event, it became apparent that I had forgotten the appropriate adaptor for my computer. After much discussion, I ran out of the event, went all the way home, grabbed the adaptor and drove back.  During the trip, I chastised myself for being so irresponsible and a bit frazzled.  And then I immediately thought— get over it.


Lesson #4:  Three hours of the show Millionaire Matchmaker is three hours too much.


I know this is a strange lesson to learn, but I learned it nevertheless.  When the evil stomach bug hit, I was too sick to care what was on the television.  I didn’t have the energy to lift my arm and change the channel.  It just so happens that “Millionaire Matchmaker” is on Bravo in the afternoons and on that particular day, they showed three episodes back to back.  I can attest to the fact that three hours of the pathetic people on that show is way too much to ask of anyone!


Everywhere I go, people are telling me stories about being sick.  It’s not fun but you certainly don’t have to make it harder on yourself by insisting on running full speed ahead. Trust me, this attitude will eventually backfire. Please be good to YOU and don’t be afraid to ask for help.







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