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My son left the other day to go back to his on-campus house for the summer.  He has already graduated but he’ll be living in Michigan until he makes his big move to the West Coast.  He spent two weeks at home with my husband and I.  We enjoyed shopping trips, dog walks and nice dinners together. All in all, we had a wonderful time.


When he left Sunday afternoon, the house was eerily quiet and I felt a strange sadness.  He was gone and it had occurred to me that it was probably the last long visit he would ever spend at home. Things would never be the same. I thought about that for a while. And then I thought about how it was time to readjust.


By Tuesday, my husband and I were in a new routine and were busy focusing on our plans for a bike trip to Chicago. We were mapping out our route and finding a hotel in the perfect area.  Yes, it was definitely time to readjust and move on.


So what’s the option if you don’t readjust and move on?  Being stuck.  I’m sure you’ve been there a couple times in your life. It’s easy to recognize when you’re there: you know things have to change, need to change, must change, but you just can’t seem to find a way to dig yourself out from the mess.


You become bogged down with feelings and emotions that seem to get heavier and heavier.  Before you know it, you’ve become comfortable where you are and you stay. Being comfortable while not actually being content or happy is… at least, predictable. Readjustment is an unknown quantity.


Some people stay longer than others. Resilient individuals move on.


Readjusting your life takes energy and momentum.  Chances are, you might not feel like you have the energy to take on or accept a new situation. You figure that you’ll just get through another day, another week, and another month right where you are.  There is a risk in this approach: you can wake up and realize that for years you’ve been thinking about things while still hanging on to the past. And the truth is, the past really hadn’t been working for quite some time.


It truly doesn’t matter who you are or what part of your life you are struggling with right now.  It could be your career, your employees at work, or a piece of your personal life— it’s all the same.  In order to live a healthy successful life, the ability to readjust is crucial.  It directly impacts your overall resilience skills in life. This ability to deftly redirect and find a new path, new thinking, and not get stuck in the “way it was or should be” is your key to success.


So, are you investing energy into something when you really need to let go?  Have they proposed a new policy at work that’s difficult for you to accept and take the needed steps forward?  Are you tired of a relationship in your life that’s not working but can’t seem to move beyond talking about it? Are you feeling bored in your career and need to change your direction but can’t seem to get started? Do you need a lifestyle overhaul to become a bit healthier?


Then readjust.


Let’s get as many people on board as possible to readjust and move on. Make a pact to send this to just ONE PERSON that might need a little push in the right direction. You never know, it might just be the very thing that gives them the momentum to change.


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