Congratulations Girlfriend! I am so happy that you have made the decision to move forward in your life. Yes, this is a hard time, but you don’t need to let your divorce define you!

Together, we can work on the specific skills that you need to reinvent yourself. Together, we can map out a whole new life for you. Happiness, passion, confidence and success-they all can be part of your life again.

Change your life through Individual and/or Group Coaching:

  • learn how to deal with your ex
  • let go of your anger, heal and move on to a new, improved you
  • master coping strategies to reduce stress and anxiety
  • discover the unique YOU-your strengths, talents and gifts that will help shape and reinvent your new life
  • receive skills to ease the adjustment for your kids
  • and more!

DivorceSass Coaching Package:

  • -4 60-minute individual sessions
  • -Email communication between sessions
  • -A Sassy plan developed just for you that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to reach your goals
  • -Access to relevant resource materials

Receive a free consultation and learn more about Girlfriend Divorce Coaching.


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