I just returned from a two-week trip to Israel and Jordan.  Each day was jam packed with history, culture and new experiences.  As I think back to what moments were the most inspiring and life changing, there is one incident that I just can’t shake.


My husband’s Aunt in Tel Aviv had suggested that we meet her at a restaurant for dinner. She had mentioned that it was located in the old town of Jaffa, which is full of history, shopping, great restaurants and bars.  We decided we would walk around for a few hours and do some shopping before joining her for dinner since the area appeared to be a trendy, fun part of town.


Thirty minutes before our agreed dinnertime, we began our walk to the restaurant.  Quickly, I noticed that we were leaving the “happening area” and walking away from the city.  I asked my husband, “are you sure we’re walking in the right direction?”  He assured me that we were most definitely following the route to the restaurant.


We walked down the street for what seemed like forever, searching for the restaurants address. It was slowly dawning on us that we were going to be late.  Looking around, I sensed that the neighborhoods were definitely changing. My hair was up on the back of my neck. “Are you sure this is an okay neighborhood to be walking through?” Again, he assured me that it was. Secretly, I wondered why this restaurant was located in such a seedy area of the city.  I was feeling extremely uncomfortable, but I chalked it up to being overly dramatic and didn’t say another word.


Now 15 minutes late, we were beginning to get anxious. We knew his Aunt would be worried as to why we weren’t there yet.  My husband spied a group of police cars in a parking lot and decided to ask one of the policemen if they could help us. He interrupted them and asked if they knew of the restaurant, but they were very little help.  Suddenly, we did a 180-degree turn and realized that the restaurant was right in front of our eyes. My jaw dropped when it came into view. My husband and I just stared at each other and slowly (very slowly) walked up to the door of the restaurant.


The entire time we ate our dinner, I felt that same feeling tugging at me again.  You know, the one that tells you that something is very wrong but you just can’t put your finger on it. Dinner could not be over soon enough for me!


We left the restaurant and called a taxi to our hotel.  Suddenly, his Aunt became agitated as she listened to the news. In the last two hours, there had just been a stabbing and shooting right next door to the restaurant! My husband and I looked at each other and remembered the large group of policemen we had asked for directions.  Apparently, they had better things to do then help two tourists find their way to their destination.


Which leads me to this thought: I knew all along that we were not safe. My instincts immediately told me that we were in danger.  Yet, I didn’t pay attention to my feelings. I doubted my own assessment and just ignored that gnawing feeling inside of me.


You can’t see, hear or touch your instincts.  Sometimes, you may question whether they really exist.  However, your success, health and happiness in life are dependent on you tapping into your instincts.  If you can make your life decisions by combining the tangible evidence presented to you, with your “gut sense”, you will be unstoppable.


After that incident, I am making a new commitment to trust my gut!


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