Are you one of those girlfriends that are always in a hurry in life? I’ve seen you before— you’re the one that’s always running somewhere: to the grocery store, to pick up your kids up from their friends houses, to drop your kids off at school, to countless meetings and errands. Not only do you have ten things going on at once, but you’re also on the phone while you are actively doing the ten things.  Does your life ever feel like you are running a marathon that is never going to end?


I was shopping at Old Navy a few days ago. It was a good day to be there, since they had a sale on certain items for 60-75% off.  I tried a couple pieces on, found what worked and eventually got in the line.  They had four sales clerks efficiently working the desk.  As I stood in line, I noticed a woman behind me.  She commented on the sale prices and I made small talk with her.  Anyone that knows me is aware that it isn’t terribly difficult to get me to start talking.  As we talked, she informed me that I was next in line and there was a sales clerk open.  Obviously, she was in a hurry. I scanned the desk and saw that the only sales clerk open was busy on the phone and was not making eye contact with me. I kept my eye on her to see when she would be finished with the call and ready to help the next customer.


I can only assume that the woman behind me became agitated due to my relaxed approach to the whole situation.  And that’s when it happened— she physically pushed me!! Yes girlfriends, she took both of her hands and she pushed me on my back so I would move to the clerk.  No, she didn’t tap me, and no, she didn’t verbalize that I needed to move— she just hauled off and shoved me.  Startled, I moved forward, thanks to the momentum of the shove. The only problem was that there was still no sales clerk available to help me!


As I stood there laughing (yes, I was laughing), a sales clerk became available.  She rang up my clothes while I shared with her how I was physically assaulted in the line. Still laughing as I explained the situation, the clerk looked equally horrified by my story and my reaction. On my drive home, I tried to make sense of this whole experience.


Let’s give this woman the benefit of the doubt. She had to have been in a hurry because she was late for a “life or death” commitment…right? O.K.— maybe I’m not so sure. The reality of the situation was this: pushing me probably didn’t even buy her a measly 10 more seconds in her day.  So I ask, was it worth it?  I believe that we as women sometimes get on a gerbil wheel, so used to spinning and spinning that we don’t even know WHY we are in a hurry anymore.  I am going to assume that is exactly what happened to my aggressive friend.


Be honest, have you ever felt like this?  If so, my advice to you is to slow down!  If you’re too busy, take a good look at your life and prioritize— decide what to keep in your life and what to eliminate. Accept the fact that you can’t do everything and be everywhere. Look around you and start enjoying life.  If hurrying has become a way of life, do some hard thinking and make some changes.  Life is not always about traveling in the fast lane!



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