Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I spend a lot of time on Facebook.  I’ve definitely taken full advantage of this form of social media to grow my business.  Yes, connecting with my old high school friends and family has been unbelievably fun and enjoyable. However, the more time I spend on Facebook, the more I become concerned about its misuse and the message that women could be unintentionally sending to 300 of their closest friends. In lieu of this, I have compiled a list of Facebook do’s and don’ts for women that want to succeed in their careers and their relationships.


Give some thought to what you post on your status updates. Please.  Is this update something that’s going to make you look positive to the 800 people that might read this? Does it send a message that is congruent with the image that you desire to portray in your career life? How about this— would it sway someone’s current opinion of you to one that is negative? If you’re posting a picture, is your dress too revealing? I’m no prude, but multiple pictures of you with your breasts prominently displayed while you’re partying might not be the best image for your career or your personal life in the long run. People have been known to make quick judgments based on a few pictures.


Attempt to limit the amount of bragging you post on your page. This seems to be an epidemic of on Facebook.  Think about it this way— would you go to a party of 100 and attempt to tell every single person present how your daughter just received the absolute highest score in the school on her Math exam? Now be honest— would everyone there truly be interested? Then you understand how this isn’t any different. Being humble and modest are wonderful qualities that seem to be lacking these days. They make you quite likable.  For women that are promoting a business in social media, the rules change a bit.  A certain amount of boasting is necessary in order to market your business.  You need to come across as effective, competent and successful.


If you must partake in some sleazy Facebook posts, please use the privacy options.  If you revel in your freedom to post whatever you feel like posting, please be smart about it.  I can be your friend, but I don’t need to see all your posts. Set up your Facebook page so I can’t see what you are doing in your personal time. Please.  It certainly is changing my impression of you and I am sure you don’t want that.


Don’t post about every single moment of your day. Why would anyone really care that you ate a smokehouse turkey sandwich from Panera at 12:30? Think— would someone find this interesting? Don’t post every single thing that comes to your mind during the day. If you truly want others to read what you write, don’t inundate people with posts. After a while, it’s just too much and people stop reading.


Refrain from coming across needy and attention seeking in your posts. Don’t laugh— I see this everyday on Facebook. I’ve said it before girlfriends, if you’re struggling with some issue in life and you’re feeling down, you don’t share it with 800 people. I know it doesn’t feel uncomfortable sharing this when you are sitting at your computer, but you’re sharing WAY too much information with hundreds and hundreds of people. Again, would you share that with each person at a party with 100 people? Remember that people make judgments based on what you are revealing.


I enjoy Facebook as much as the next person.  It has been very, very good to me. But if any of this hits too close to home, then make some changes to your social media habits today.


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