I’ve been there a couple of times in my career and I can still remember how horrible it felt. I’m talking about that feeling at work when there are too many hours in the day and days in the week. You’re constantly watching the clock and living for when you go on your next vacation. You are unhappy.


If anyone is experiencing those feelings right now, it could very well be a sign that you need to leave your job. Here are 6 similar signs that indicate you might need to make a change in your life as quickly as possible:


Your anxiety heightens the closer you get to your workplace.

Are you in a bad mood every Sunday because Monday morning work is fast approaching?  Does your angst increase the closer you get to the office building?  Do you get a pit in your stomach on your drive to the office? When just thinking about going to work makes you feel sick, heed the warning. These are all indicators that you’re in need of a major change in your life.


You spend a lot of time rationalizing why your job is perfect for you.

Actually, I speak from experience on this one. I remember spending the entire drive to work rationalizing why this job was good for me. The hours were great, I didn’t have to work that hard, and I made decent money. I also remember spending the whole drive home doing the exact same thing. The funny thing is, I never felt any better when I was done with this brain exercise. You know why? It’s because I wasn’t listening to my heart.


You’re easily bothered by even the smallest things at work.

When you’re at the wrong job, everything bugs you.  Mary, in the next cubicle, gets on your nerves.  John, your manager, irritates you because of his brown-nosing ways.  You spend the days obsessing about these irritations and blow them way out of proportion. You spend the evenings rehashing the stories with all your friends and family. The more you talk, the worse you feel. You waste numerous hours ruminating about these silly interactions because you’re unhappy.


You’re jealous of your friend’s career and more.

You think that everyone is better off than you.  Everyone has a better career, makes more money, goes on great vacations and has a better family situation. You might even have difficulty helping good friends celebrate accomplishments and happy times. When you’re really unhappy in your job, you have difficulty seeing reality. You view the world through dirty, dusty glasses.


Your energy level is lower than normal.

Not only is your energy level low, you just don’t feel so great.  You keep trying to push yourself, but you certainly don’t feel like YOU!  The stress level lowers your immune system and the constant anxiety is exhausting. Don’t underestimate how being in a job that feels like an uphill battle eventually takes a toll on your body, physically and emotionally.


You’re not doing your best work.

The truth is that you’re sliding by. You’re producing average work and getting through the days. No one really notices that you’re not doing your best and you rationalize that fact (see sign #2).  However, not doing your best work feels horrible and does a number on your self-esteem.  Not being challenged and able to fully utilize your strengths just doesn’t feel good.


If any of this sounds even vaguely familiar to you, then maybe you need to contemplate some changes. Don’t waste another day settling for this existence.







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